Mosaicultures - Mosaïcultures Internationales de Montréal

For the first time in Quebec City,

Mosaïcultures Internationales de Montréal presents:

Il était une fois…

la Terre


Il était une fois… la Terre

  •   An exhibition-tribute to the life that vibrates on our planet
  •   Living works of art that will be a pleasure for the eyes, but also a reminder of the fragility of life
  •   A hymn to the Earth presented in Parc du Bois-de-Coulonge
  •   A magnificent garden in Quebec City, full of history, on the banks of the St. Lawrence River

Il était une fois… la Terre is:

  • Nearly 200 mosaïcultures grouped around masterful works (more than 6 million plants)
  • A site open to visitors for 109 days, from June 24, 2022, to October 10, 2022
  • An occasion not to be missed!

An exhibition in
5 parts

The Lieutenant Governor’s Residence

From the outset, the PERGOLA is intended as a representation of the Lieutenant Governor’s residence, which is no longer standing.

At the foot of the pergola, a dozen gigantic butterflies pull bands of the RAINBOW around the BIG TURTLE, towards the exhibition.

The Polar and Marine World

It is here that we traverse the Arctic and Antarctic, where, on one side, polar bears and walruses live surrounded by icebergs and ice floes … and on the other, southern whales, albatrosses, and penguins.

Then appears the MIGHTY RIVER, which shelters whales, killer whales, dolphins, belugas, and puffins.

Endangered Species

In this sector, all the endangered species of the planet are grouped around MOTHER EARTH, coming from Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Australia.

The Huron-Wendat Nation

In this sector, you pass through eight arches inspired by the traditional LONGHOUSE of the Huron-Wendat. Inside these arches, two frescoes, created by artists from Wendake, illustrate the eight contemporary and past clans of this nation.

Outside the arches, you will be introduced to the “culture of the Three Sisters,” where corn, beans, and squash make up a very special vegetable patch!

The farm

The visit ends alongside Elzéard Bouffier, THE MAN WHO PLANTED TREES, accompanied by a sheep dog, horses, rabbits, sheep, and goats.

We meet the ploughman of yesteryear and the beekeeper around whom cows, a cat and a dog, and even larger-than-life raccoons and bees are active.

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