“When I consider that a single man, relying only on his own simple physical and moral resources, was able to transform a desert into this land of Canaan, I am convinced that despite everything, the human condition is truly admirable.” – JEAN GIONO

The mosaiculture piece The Man Who Planted Trees pays tribute to Frédéric Back, who crafted a superb animated film version of Jean Giono’s fable of the same title.
This masterpiece conveys the positive impact man can have on his environment.

The Man Who Planted Trees was conceived as a bona fide mosaiculture garden stemming from the efforts of a single man, the shepherd Elzéard Bouffier. Through his ceaseless and patient toil, he was able to transform a desolate, arid expanse of land into a fertile territory verdant with field and forest.

Elzéard Bouffier is depicted here planting a young oak, in a desert—evoked by the bed of stones—where his flock are grazing. Elzéard’s dog is intrigued by the visitors walking past.

The horses galloping in the prairie and the goat drinking from the well embody the return of life made possible by the action of this sole individual, said action represented here by his cape spread out across the entire site.

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